Project Description

Our Patent Hot Tube Spa

it’s absolutely different with current market model,

come with unique design high efficiency patent heater + Flash Light+ inside wall design etc.

Make it looks simple , carry more portable, moreover, this design save much space when load container.

Spa Series:

A. Laminated Square spa
B. Laminated Oval spa
C. Laminated Round spa

“Embrace expertise and advanced technology to promote Comfortable, Portable, and Affordable spaexperience to create a healthy lifestyle and optimal wellness.


Capacity :  Up to 2 ,  4,   6 Adults
Water Capacity(80%):  800-1000L
Actual Water Flow: 860L
Inflated Size: 180cm x 65cm or 208 x 65cm
Product Weight: 24-28kg
Filled Weight:  850-1080 kg
No of Bubble Jets:  110 or 140
Rated voltage /power of heater  :220V/2100W; 120V/1400W;
Rated voltage /Power inputfor Bubbling : 220V/600W; 120V/600W
Pump Voltage: DC24V
Rated Current tor Heating/Bubbling& Filtering:  12A- For heating 4A/For bubling 2A
Maximum Temperature:42°C(107°F)
Temperature Rise :Approx1.5-2° C/H